I am Woman Hear Me Fart: One woman. One body. One fart at a time.

What? Women Fart!?

Well, hello out there my fellow brother and sisters. My name is Jamie, aka Juicy J, aka J Wifey, aka Miss Cho, aka Main Moon and my favorite name I get called is, "that crazy lil' mexican girl" (Let the record show that my Mother is Korean and my Father is Caucasian. I'm basically an asian-viking)

I decided to start a blog a couple months ago about how dirty-minded and down right nasty us women can be! To anyone that knows me, knows that I am one DIRRRRTY woman. And DAMN proud to be! Society has made us all to believe that women are not to do certain human actions in public or infront of men. Seriously?  You got a butthole and I got a butthole. So you're telling me, I have to hold in a fart because I'm a woman and it's gross!? PFFFRTTTT! 

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Anita :) | Reply 14.01.2014 05.33

Your beautiful and hilarious and amazing!

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14.01 | 05:33

Your beautiful and hilarious and amazing!

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